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2019 ApHC Stallion Service Auction
(2019 Breeding Season)



Stallions eligible for the Service Auction include ApHC-registered horses and

ApHC-approved outcross stallions (Quarter Horse, Thoroughbred and Arabian).


Bidding is exclusively on-line and will begin December 14, 2018. Bidding starts at one-half the advertised stud fee. For stallions standing at private treaty, bidding starts at $500. Stallion service will be awarded to the highest bidder. In the event that the highest bidder does not make payment, the next highest bidder will be given the opportunity to purchase the service. All Stallions must be entered by 5pm EST, December 13, 2018.The bidding period closes 8:00 p.m. Eastern Time on December 16, 2018. Any Stallions not purchased by the close of the Auction on December 16th will remain available for ½ of the advertised stallion fee on the Auction site until March 31, 2019. If a Stallion is not sold, the Stallion owner has the option to purchase the breeding for a fee of $250.00.



Winning Bidder Payment of the winning bid is to be made online at the time of purchase. A 4% buyers fee will be added to the purchase price to cover transaction costs. Payment is to be made within 24 hours. There are no refunds from the Appaloosa Horse Club of stallion services sold in the auction.


The highest bidder for each stallion service will receive a certificate from the ApHC stating that the resulting foal will be eligible for the Stallion Service Auction Incentive Classes at the World Show (regular entry fees will apply). This certificate must be submitted by September 15th of the weanling year. If the “nomination certificate” is not submitted by the deadline, a late nomination fee will be assessed.


Please note: All ancillary fees (chute fee, collection, shipping, board, etc.) are strictly between the stallion owner and mare owner.



Return Services If a mare fails to produce a foal from this breeding, the foal from a rebreeding will be eligible for the subsequent World Show Incentive Classes. In the event 1) a mare fails to conceive, 2) death of a foal at time of foaling or 3) a foal is born with a genetic defect, the owner will notify the ApHC as well as the stallion owner with proper certification from a licensed veterinarian. Any arrangements for rebreeding are strictly between the stallion owner and mare owner.



Stallion Owner For each donated service that is sold, the stallion owner will receive a certificate from the ApHC which will entitle the owner to select one get (a foal owned by the stallion owner) of said stallion from the 2018 breeding season to be nominated for the Stallion Service Auction Incentive Classes. Payment of class entry fees will apply. There is no nomination fee for the stallion owner’s nominee, if the nomination is made by the September deadline of the weanling year. The stallion owner nomination certificate must be submitted to the ApHC by September 15th of the weanling year. If the “nomination certificate” is not submitted by the deadline, a late nomination fee will be assessed.



Stallion Service Auction Incentive Class Eligibility- Paid Nominations

In addition to the above, any offspring of a stallion whose service was donated and sold in the auction that are foaled in the same year, the resulting foal, may be nominated by a paid nomination of a total of $750 for the World Show Incentive Classes. That can be paid in two payments. Schedule of payments to come.


A “nomination” entitles the owner to enter the horse in more than one of the incentive classes.

Class entry fees will apply for each incentive class entered. Incentive nominations are non-transferrable to another horse and will not be refunded.


Stallion Auction Funds Distribution 75% of the stallion auction revenue and 75% of the nominations revenue will be the incentive class purses. Payout will be divided equally across the three classes.


For more information or to donate a stallion breeding:


Todd Michael

29 Windstone Drive.

Findlay Ohio 45840