Shane Watson, auctioneer and BidBuyGet are your experienced commercial and residential real estate auction professionals. We have pre approved bidders that are buying properties.

Selling commercial and residential real estate at auction is a great option for both sellers and buyers. Sell your property in an environment that is fair, fast and puts the seller in control.

TIMING - Auctions can provide a quick resolution. From contract signing to auction date, it is usually a 30 day process. Closing usually takes place 30-45 days after the auction, but we have had some properties close in under a week! 
A set date and time allows our sellers to effectively plan for the sale rather than engaging in an open-ended process through a conventional listing that could stretch for months on end.

MARKETING - Our Auction marketing is focused and intense, exposing your property to as many potential buyers as possible in a short time period. The purpose of our marketing effort is to expose your property to as many potential buyers as possible, thereby maximizing the opportunity to sell your property to the buyers willing to pay the most.

SELLER-FRIENDLY TERMS - In the auction process, the seller sets the terms, not the buyer. How many times have you been frustrated by buyers who try to renegotiate contracts based on inspections or other actions taken AFTER you sign a purchase contract? Our auction purchase contracts limit the contingencies a seller will allow a buyer. This eliminates the ability of buyers to re-negotiate signed deals or back out of a signed contract.

Feel free to reach out to us with any questions about our auction services:  EMAIL or CALL NOW