BidBuyGet can help you sell both your real estate and personal property. We also offer cash buyouts.

Whether it's through our auction procedures or a cash buyout, our team has the skills and resources to offer a hassle-free, quick solution to getting your assets sold. We strive to make selling your assets simple since we recognize that sometimes you need a quicker settlement than holding an auction or putting your real estate up for sale.


For a quick, no-obligation offer on your assets, give us a call 513.843.3880 or visit our Contact page. Don't put off settling your estate or business; find out how we can assist you in doing so quickly and effectively. You can rely on us to help you obtain the greatest price for your assets thanks to our dedication to secrecy and our commitment to fair offers.

No time to wait and want to sell now?

We purchase real estate as well as entire and partial estates.

BidBuyGet buys, sells, and holds auctions for a variety of assets, such as real estate, farm machinery, automobiles, and collectibles. We can offer cash buyouts for your assets if you need a quicker resolution than holding an auction. We can assist you TODAY whether you're winding down your business, divorce, downsizing, or settling an estate. For people who desire an immediate and hassle-free way to sell their assets outright, we provide this service

Some of the items we are always buying. 

  • vintage comic books
  • coin collections
  • cars, trucks, boats, motorcycles
  • tools
  • toy trains
  • jewelry
  • railroad collectibles
  • toys
  • pottery collections
  • military items
  • stained glass
  • fountain pens
  • fishing equipment
  • duck decoys
  • Full and partial estates
  • Firearms including ammunition and accessories
  • Tractors and farm equipment and implements
  • Antiques and collectibles of all types
  • Recreational vehicles – ATVs, boats, motorcycles
  • Collector cars
  • Vintage toys, especially tin types
  • Vintage signs of all types
  • Petroliana (gas and oil) collections
  • Coins, gold, silver, and other precious metals
  • Jewelry, including costume
  • Vintage stereo equipment and radios
  • Mid century modern furniture and accessories
  • Tools and machinery for woodworking, automotive repair, commercial shop equipment
  • Collections of quality items
  • Business assets and surplus inventory
  • Any sort of collectible, especially Star Wars collectibles
  • Nintendo and other video games
  • Collectible toys
  • Art
  • Sports & music memorabilia
  • Movie props & memorabilia

To get a fast, fair, no-commitment offer on your assets or to discuss selling at auction give us a call 513.843.3880   or visit our Contact page