Selling livestock at auction is a very tried and true method. Ranchers and farmers for years have relied on the auction method to sell their livestock inventory. Auctions allowed sellers to bring their herd to stockyards and sell in an atmosphere that is a fair and level playing field for both buyers and sellers.

With the online auction method the same potential auction methods apply but now you appeal to a wider audience using online auction exposure.

BidBuyGet is your online licensed and bonded solution for selling livestock including cows, bulls, horses, goats, and pigs. We have extensive experience in livestock auctions including such notable horse auctions such as RodRock Herd Dispersal and Quail Valley. We will work with you from start to finish including taking pictures, listing pedigrees, marketing your auction, and help with transportation.

Located in Southern Ohio we are in a unique position to help ranchers throughout the United States liquidate their herds of livestock.

Shane Watson, owner of BidBuyGet is a 20-year veteran auctioneer in the state of Ohio and has personally sold over $1 million dollars of livestock at live auction.

We serve many other industries including real estate personal property estates and commercial liquidations.

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